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Enjoy the complete NStyle experience, beginning with my elegant and reusable NStyle Box. It folds flat for easy storage, but can be used for all sorts of other purposes. Stylish and reusable, it’s the start of the experience.

The first thing you’ll find inside is a beautifully printed card explaining my choices.

After that, peel back the custom-manufactured protective foam to find this month’s exclusive candle and spray selection - both have been created and made exclusively for this month’s box!

The Candle

I have worked personally with the candlemaker in selecting the candle material, the dual-wick arrangement, and of course the scent! The 12 oz candle is of the very highest quality, is made from soy, and uses wax-coated wicks for a superior burn. The scent has been specifically tested with the combination of wax, glass and dimensions, since all three can impact how well a candle and its scent performs. The scent is pleasant but not intruding.

The glass vessel has also been custom manufactured to provide quality and resilience while being a beautiful and useful addition to your home. I’ll have lots of tips for how to reuse this beautiful vessel in future videos!

I’ve also selected inspirational words for each month, and you’ll find one stylishly printed on your vessel, accentuating the unique origin of your candle.

The Room Spray

Like the candle, the 1.5 oz room spray is specially manufactured using only natural ingredients, and is meant to be the perfect complement to your candle. It is an exclusive formulation, made only for this box. Subtle and inviting, I love the scent.

The beautiful glass spray vessel is refillable, and is the perfect size for a purse. Once you find a favorite, I’ll be making a refill available on the shop so you never need to run out!

Like the candle, you’ll find the word of the month stylishly printed on the bottle.

The Unexpected

I received many comments from my friends saying how much they appreciate a little mystery and surprise!

In each box you’ll find a special mystery item. In most cases, it will be something I’ve had exclusively manufactured. The item will always be something I use myself, and I am sure you will be both surprised and delighted with the monthly selection!